Poopin’ Rules & Regs

What is Poopin’? Simple: Tweet the word “Poopin’” from someone’s phone. Proceed to bask in your victory.
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A History

As things like this often do, it all started at South by Southwest (SXSW), in Austin, TX. The year was 2009, so this was before SXSW became quite the marketing pageant we now know it to be.

The scene: The end of a long day of attending panels, drinking coffee, eating BBQ, and tweeting from their phones, a fine group of friends is gathered, sharing a few drinks in the bar of the lobby of the downtown Hilton. Our hero, Luke Dorny (@luxuryluke), is among them. If you have spent any time with Luke at a conference, you know he is notorious for letting his iPhone battery drain down to 0% sometime by early afternoon. (He has since taken to carrying a back-up battery roughly the size of a tissue box.)

Today was no different. By lunchtime, Luke’s battery was dead, and here at the Hilton, he was experiencing withdrawal from Twitter. He asked to borrow the iPhone of his friend, Drew Warkentin (@drewwarkentin). I know what you’re thinking; but, no our story doesn’t end here. Luke logged himself into Twitter on Drew’s phone, and caught up on whatever tweets he had been missing. I’m sure it was something special.

Fast-forward an hour to dinner time at Flemings Steak House. Nature calls, and Luke excuses himself to go to the bathroom. In his absence, another good friend, Ethan Marcotte (@beep), has an idea. It occurred to him that Luke is still logged into Twitter on Drew’s phone. Ethan borrows Drew’s phone. In Luke’s Twitter account, he composes a one-word Tweet: “Poopin’.”

Your move, history.

All historical references have been verified by parties mentioned.

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