Poopin’ Rules & Regs

We, the International Association of Poopin’ Rules & Regulations (IAPRR) governing body, hereby define and document the Poopin’ Rules. Curious about the definition and history of Poopin’? Visit our historical archives.

  1. Acts of Poopin’ aggression must be inflicted via a mobile device. Computers are off-limits. *
  2. Stealth is rewarded.
  3. Don’t go into detail.
  4. Be brief.
  5. No need for crass language, that kills it.
  6. Accept defeat with grace and dignity.
  7. Be nice. If someone is freaking out, don’t Poopin’ them. Maybe their mom reads Twitter. It’s supposed to be fun, don’t ruin it!
  8. Poopin’ is best left for public venues. Your home is your castle, and your workplace is no place for mistrust.
  9. If you don’t play nice, it’s open season. You will not be protected by these rules.

Poopin’ Rules is a site by Brian Warren. I am @mrwarren on Twitter. Thanks for playing!

* iPod, iPhone, and lesser mobile devices are all game for Poopin’. Sorry, we at the IAPR&R have deemed iPads are off-limits for now.

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